Insight Into The Behaviour That Matters

Human Digital provides rich, agile insight into human behaviour in the digital age, to deliver our clients the definitive external view of the audiences that matter.

We do so by analysing thousands of human-verified, original and unprompted sources online. To understand this complex data set, we employ a sophisticated and innovative methodology that blends big data collection and filtering with human-led analysis, and combines scalable, repeatable processes with custom application and a consultative approach.

Doing so sets us apart. It enables us to provide client-centric intelligence into the nuances of expression, the precise nature of emotional engagement, the linguistic and cultural context, and the drivers of behaviour.

Producing definitive measurement reports at a decision making level, our insights typically inform executive decisions on audience engagement, customer experience, reputation and risk management, brand performance, positioning and measurement and campaign development.

Our analysis provides critical intelligence for any business or organisation wishing to remain relevant and responsive in a fast moving world.